Magnetic particle testing (MT)

A variety of tests used for detecting discontinuities in the material, evaluating its properties and taking measurements without causing damage or changing the functional quality of the tested object. We provide:

Tests carried out on ferromagnetic samples exposed to constant, alternate or impulse magnetic field. Magnetic particles and inductive transmitters indicate disruption in the induced magnetic field, exposing discontinuities. Their aim is:
  • to detect surface and subsurface discontinuities such as fractures, bubbles, voids and non-metallic inclusions
  • to detect shallow and narrow discontinuities
Samples made out of iron, steel, nickel, cobalt or their alloys can be tested with this method but not non-ferromagnetic and non-metallic ones

Badania magnetyczno - proszkowe kadzi żużlowej
Pęknięci wykryte w trakcie badania magnetyczno - proszkowego
Lampa UV do badań magnetyczno - proszkowych