Ultrasonic testing (UT)

A variety of tests used for detecting discontinuities in the material, evaluating its properties and taking measurements without causing damage or changing the functional quality of the tested object. We provide:

Tests where the object is subjected to ultrasonic pulse-waves which are reflected when discontinuities are struck, and are diffracted and diffused at the edges of these flaws.Tests carried out on all metals and their alloys as well as non-metal materials such as plastics, ceramics, glass, rubber or concrete. They are most effective with objects produced through rolling, casting, drawing and forging. Their aim – depending on the type of waves used – is:
  • to detect internal, surface and subsurface flaws
  • to determine lack of adhesion in bonded, welded, soldered and riveted joints
  • to define the properties of materials
  • to detect shallow and spatial discontinuities, internal and surface fractures, inclusions and delamination in objects produced in rolling and drawing, fractures in forgings, discontinuities in castings, discrepancies in welded joints.

Defektoskop do badań ultradźwiękowych
Badania ultradźwiękowe wału