Ultrasonic thickness testing (UTT)

A variety of tests used for detecting discontinuities in the material, evaluating its properties and taking measurements without causing damage or changing the functional quality of the tested object. We provide:

Tests carried out in order to gauge the thickness of materials by measuring the speed of a longitudinal ultrasound wave going through the tested object. They are conducted during manufacturing as well as in operation, and useful when only one side of the object is accessible. UTT are performed on objects with parallel surfaces such as pipes, pipelines as well as tanks, slabs and sheets, castings and forgings made of metal, plastic, glass, rubber, fiberglass and composite materials.

Defektoskop do badań ultradźwiękowych
Ultradźwiękowe pomiary grubości elementu stalowego
Rurociąg poddany ultradźwiękowym pomiarom grubości