Radiographic testing (RT)

A variety of tests used for detecting discontinuities in the material, evaluating its properties and taking measurements without causing damage or changing the functional quality of the tested object. We provide:

Tests where a penetrating radiation of X or Gamma rays is sent through the object. Its radiometric image is registered, and a radiogram or real-time digital record of the testing are obtained. Tests carried out on all metal, alloy and non-metal samples. Their aim is:
  • to detect discontinuities in welded joints, castings, forgings and other metallurgical products that occurred in manufacturing or operation
  • to detect internal, surface and subsurface discontinuities as well as spatial and shallow ones such as bubbles, incomplete fusions (fixtures), fractures, inclusions, flooding, lack of weld penetration in welded joints.

Badanie radiograficzne złączy spawanych
Badania radiograficzne spoin
Zbiornik aluminiowy poddany badaniom radiograficznym